How parents all over Utah are scaring away their children’s monsters

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A new children’s book can be used anywhere to cast out the monsters in your closet. Nathan F. Coombs the author of “The No Monsters Spell” came by to share all about it.

The No Monsters Spell was originally written 20+ years ago for Nathan’s first daughter. After his divorce from his wife, Coombs realized he could not be there to tuck in his daughter every night, which resulted in writing her a story to remind his daughter of his love and that he would always be thinking of her, and would always protect her.

After a while, the story went into a drawer along with other stories he’d written. But Nathan always had a special connection with that particular story and knew that one day he needed to go back and finish and get it published. After 19+ years, Nathan eventually got remarried and together they started fostering 3 little girls.

Due to the trauma they endured before meeting Nathan and his wife, the girls had a very difficult time being able to fall asleep at night. Nathan remembered The No Monsters Spell, so he went back and got to work, edited it, and began reading the story to them every night to help them fall asleep. After a while, they realized the book worked and knew it could potentially help other kids who also struggled with falling asleep.

Thankfully, with encouragement from his wife, Nathan started attending writing conferences and working more on the story. After a few years, Nathan took advice from a friend and picked an artist to work remotely with the illustration, and found editors to help with the grammar and rhyming. Finally, finding a printer to print his book, he had reached his goal of completing his long-awaited book.

Nathan is a Utah native, born in the city of Ogden. Being a writer his whole life, Nathan always found himself scribbling notes in school and church as a child. As he got older, Nathan eventually got his musings printed in the Paw Print and Literary Harvest at Ogden High School. Even in his later years, he wrote for the Daily Utah Chronicle at the University of Utah.

Currently, Nathan mostly reads children’s books to his girls and dreams of spending time with his wife and sleeping in past 7 AM. Nathan adopted the girls he fostered and is hopelessly outnumbered in their household.

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