How an organized closet can lead to a more organized life

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Think about how you feel when you walk into your home after a hard day and there are piles of shoes in your entryway, stacks of paper and bills on the kitchen table, clothes thrown all over your closet floor, and little odds and ends where they don’t belong.

The clutter and chaos you see on the outside make you feel cluttered and chaotic on the inside. Instead of feeling relaxed and glad to be home, you are consumed with thoughts about everything you are falling short on, and everything you need to do.

Our homes (which we pay good money for) should be our refuge from the world, a place we want to gather with friends and family, yet most of the time it can feel like we’re living in a giant storage unit, and we’re not even really sure what we are storing because we haven’t even seen the floor of our closet in ten years.

“Spring Cleaning” tends to focus on the deep cleaning of your home, but Alicia Bias, owner of Lux Simplicity Professional Organizing, believes it should start with decluttering and organizing.

Today she shares why you should start with a space like your own closet (where little hands won’t ever really venture), tips for letting go of guilt so you can donate those jeans you bought but never wore (why isn’t every pair made of stretchy material?!) , and simple ways to add touches of glam and sophistication to a closet on any budget (Keeping up with the Kardashians….but for a lot less!). We may not all have, or want, huge walk in closets, but these tips will at least have you smiling every time you open the closet door.

Alicia Bias is the owner and lead organizer for Lux Simplicity Professional Organizing. With three kids (one being on the autism spectrum) and frequent moves, along with suffering from depression, anxiety, and numerous chronic health issues, her stress became the catalyst to her own de-cluttering and organization journey. While sharing her journey on social media, she realized she was not alone, and many other women were struggling with the same feelings of being overwhelmed. She was able to combine her passion and experience to create a personalized luxury service for those women seeking function and order in their busy lives. Her attraction to mindfulness and self-growth equips her to work with individuals who are seeking similar life improvements, and she works with each client to learn routines, habits, and personal style to create a customized solution. While she focuses on design in her organizing, the mental health benefits will always, first and foremost, be her “why?”.

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