Stace Jensen, a money coach, joined GTU during the second hour to share some helpful tips when it comes to financing and getting out of debt. Many people hear the word “finance” and get scared or intimidated. Jensen has been a money coach for 25 years and loves to share her wisdom with her clients.

Jensen shares to think of goal setting as a road map. The easiest way to achieve a goal is to break down each step into more manageable ones. A way to get out of debt is to shop around for insurance quotes from numerous agents. Jensen saved a large amount of money by doing this.

The next step is to create ways to make money by your passion/ hobby! Working and earning money doesn’t have to be dreadful. By doing an activity you love, you are gaining income while also creating an expressive outlet. Jensen also shares to create your list of debt. This makes it easy to track what you need to have your focus on. When receiving a raise, a helpful tip is to use the increase in your income and save it. 

Not only can wrong actions impact your goals, but so can negative talk to yourself. Jensen shares a list of affirmations to say throughout your week. Affirmations can be posted in a mirror, said out loud, and even written down on notes to keep throughout the day. There is more power when one uses their voice. 

I am worthy of feeling success when it comes to my finances.

I love myself and deserve abundance in my life.

I am strong, I am determined, I will succeed. 

I am courageous and fully capable of living a life of abundance.

I am creating wealth.

I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that come my way. 

If you are interested in connecting with Jensen visit @a_womensmovement_stacejensen on Instagram. 

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