Megan Kilpatrick, owner of Ma & Paws Bakery, a store for pets shared a great healthy pet food topper recipe with us that could also be used as a snack for your beloved pet.

  • Food is Medicine! Ma & Paws Bakery helps you navigate the world of nutrition for your furkids. Their goal is to help make and keep your furkids as healthy as possible during all stages of their lives.
  • Ma & Paws wants to teach people how to read ingredient statements. Stop reading the front of the bag. Flip it over and look at the Ingredient list.
  • Focus on Education! Food Is Medicine! Knowing Better allows us the opportunity to Do Better.
  • Pay attention to the industry and its changes. Ma & Paws offers some of the best foods, treats and supplements available.
  • Proud to offer products from local businesses. Such as Ross Taylor Bully Sticks, Love Your Pet Raw Food, Healthy Hemp Pet Company, Fidobiotics, Hippie Hens & Amber Naturalz.

-All human food is not bad. Focus on unprocessed, whole, fresh foods.

  • By making 5%-10% of your pet’s diet comprised of fresh, unprocessed, whole foods…the health and immune system are greatly improved.
  • Not just fresh fruits and veggies but turkey, duck and chicken necks are amazing to be added to a diet. Along with raw meat bones and muscle meat.
  • All these ideas are for supplemental feeding. Meaning it should be used in an addition to your pet’s typical pet food. Making a home-prepared diet, whether cooked or raw, does need specific portions of meat, bone, organs and then fruits and veggies.
  • If you are feeding a home-prepared diet and are not including organs and a calcium source, it is most likely an unbalanced diet. Ma & Paws can help you get balanced.
  • Speaking of balance, don’t think you need to get every meal balanced. Think balance over time.

Healthy Pet Food Topper or Treat Recipe:

1 cup Cauliflower
1 cup Broccoli
1 cup Red/Orange Peppers
1/2 cup Pineapple
1 small Banana
1/2 cup unsweetened Kefir or Cottage Cheese
1/2 cup BlueBerries

Mix all the ingredients together and serve over your pet’s food or serve alone as a special treat.

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