Dr. Alisa Van Langeveld is an adjunct professor in family studies, a parent expert and mom of four. She is the founder of “10 Minutes Together” online where she teaches parenting skills focused on the power of one-on-one connection. Today’s message was about the overwhelm parents feel, and how modern parenting is making it worse. There is hope! With introspection and acceptance, the parent-child relationship is a rich opportunity for self healing.

She says there is an expectation overload, with modern parents having to do a lot with work, school, homecare, and add to that positive parenting strategies. “However, adding positive parenting strategies without also adding help with self-compassion, we are sandwiched between an expectation to do better without any deeper healing to make that possible.”

Without self compassion and personal growth parents are set up to fail. Stuck between knowing better but not able to do better consistently. How do we practice growth and healing in parenting? With the “one for you, one for me” strategy Alyssa explains.

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