Decorating for the holidays can seem redundant. Each year, you hang the same Christmas tree and lights and it seems you have the same as everyone else. Fortunately, there’s a new and unique way to spruce up your home during the season. Chalise Southwick of Studiochalise came to the GTU studio to show off her adorable holiday gnomes. Although she has many Christmastime gnomes, Southwick also has one for each holiday and season so you can display your gnomes year round.

Gnomes have been a staple in many German children’s stories and protect treasure and goods around the home. Today, countless people have gnomes outside of their homes and Southwick has put a twist on that beloved stature and made it into the perfect indoor decor. These gnomes bring good fortune and protect your home. Southwick has a variety of gnomes that are appropriate for each holiday and season including a witch for Halloween, a ballerina, military, golfer,  Thanksgiving gnomes, and many others. What sets Studio Chalise gnomes apart from the run of the mill gnomes sold in stores are the fact that she handmakes them and each one in individual. Southwick also thrifts and upcycles the materials use for the gnomes which also gives them their own distinct look. Each gnome takes three hours by hand. The gnomes have an endearing look without eyes. They can be as personal or generic as one would like. Southwick makes each gnome from her house and puts love in every single one.