Give yourself the gift of being enough

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This new year give yourself the gift of being enough.

Take a moment to imagine your most perfect self. Maybe you look different or have a bigger house, but beyond the surface dreams and desires lies the simple desire to be adequate. \

However these feelings may manifest, we all want to feel like we no longer need to prove ourselves. That we belong, that we are enough, just as we are.

In our efforts to be “enough,” we often find ourselves stuck in a damaging cycle of perform, please, and perfect, shaming ourselves for our shortcomings and hiding them from others.

According to Dr. Brené Brown, this way of living is self-sabotage. In her book The Gifts of Imperfection, Brown explains that “courage, compassion, and connections” with others are the keys to a wholehearted life, or one of authenticity and belonging.

The ability to feel like we belong is our own responsibility, not that of others. We need not feel like we must prove ourselves to be part of the world because there are no prerequisites to being good enough. Right now, exactly as we are, we are good enough.

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