Get your dog to listen when you say, “come!”

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Ryan from Train Walk Poop brought Batman, his adorable dog to show us how to get your dog to respond when you say “come!” 

The goal in this game/training is to teach your dog how to run to the plate to retrieve something and then come right back to you. The game is called paper plate recall. All you need is a paper plate and some dog treats. Grab the dog leash and give it a try!

Paper plate recall: 
– Start with the leash ON your dog
– Set a plate a few feet away from you and the dog
– Place a treat on the plate and walk the dog to the plate*
– Immediately let the dog eat the treat
– Walk a few feet back again (leaving the dog at the plate) and call “(dogs name), come”  

“The wording isn’t as important as having consistency,” says Ryan. But he does suggest using the dog’s name. 

Be sure to watch the video for all of Ryan’s great tips!

For more information on Train Walk Poop call (385) 429-0894, email or visit 

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