Geraniums for 99 cents? Yes please!

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There is so much going on at Millcreek Gardens that you don’t want to miss! LaRene Bautner joined us to share Mother’s Day flower ideas and great deals including their annual geranium sale.
She shared three tips for starting your new flower garden… thrillers, spillers and fillers! 
1. Thrillers
  • Choose a flower that’s going to make your garden POP and standout.
2. Fillers
  • After you’ve picked a couple of plants to make your garden stand out, you’re going to want to fill in the gaps with a filler plant.
  • Petunia’s and geraniums they say are perfect fillers and go along with just about any thriller plant you choose.
3. Spillers
  • If in a pot or planter box, add a few plants or flowers that ‘spill’ over the edge to give your arrangement extra dimension. 
Now that you have everything planted, it’s time to give it that extra glow. You can achieve this by using a Bud and Bloom Booster to make your flowers more vibrant. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can add some plants that attract the pollinators for a healthier garden.
Millcreek Gardens is also having a sale you don’t want to miss! The always popular 99 cent geranium sale. Head to Millcreek Gardens at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City before they’re gone!
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