Cat Palmer, a local photographer, joined hour one of GTU to share ways to unplug from technology and improve your mental health. Palmer has been incorporating her love for old-school activities into her daily life. 

Vinyl has made a comeback! Artists are pressing records again. During the pandemic, Palmer started collecting types of vinyl and upgraded her record player. Palmer enjoys following artists like “The Gay Vinylist” Joshua Black on Instagram. Palmer finds great selections of vinyl at Randy’s Records, located in Salt Lake City. 

Snail mail, baby! Having a pen pal can help develop literacy skills and perspective, while also building a friendship. Palmer has been writing to a pen pal for 27 years. Palmer’s pen pal writes from Costa Rica. Palmer enjoys not only writing letters but also receiving them. In Palmer’s kitchen hangs a birthday card calendar where she keeps track of who’s birthday is approaching. Palmer decorates her mail and card calendar with stickers and wax seals. 9th & 9th is full of cute boutiques where Palmer buys stickers from local artists. 

Journal writing! Palmer collects three types of journals. Journaling reduces stress and anxiety, while also boosting one’s creative side. Palmer has a regular journal to update her personal life, a pandemic journal to document pandemic life only, and a gratitude journal to express moments of gratitude throughout the day. 

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