Have your kids outgrown trick or treating but still love Halloween? Today on GTU we were joined by Cat Palmer to give us the solution. She gave viewers some options that are perfect for teenagers.  

At home activities: 

  • You could have a fun dinner and movie with your kids, that can involve little goodie bags. 
  • They could dress up and help pass out candy 
  • You could build a spooky hallway or some other scary thing for trick or treaters to go through. Which provides a perfect opportunity for your kids to help. 

Away activities: 

  • Black island farms have always been her family’s tradition, they have corn mazes, hot cider, hayrides, etc. 
  • Just google “Halloween activities in my area” and you can find a bunch of cute and cheap local places perfect for the Halloween spirit. 

For more ideas check out her blog or other social media.  

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Blog: catpalmerphoto