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Ryan from Tain Walk Poop talks with Reagan about the services and advantages of taking your dog to the Train Walk Poop training classes. Puppies are always a learning curve, for both you and your new fur baby, but with these training methods you and your pup will be a lot better off and you will be more at ease for when you have to leave your little guy home alone for a little while. 

Train Walk Poop (TWP) specializes in all things doggo. From puppy training to dog training, walking, grooming and everything in between. The team at TWP wants you to feel comfortable and confident in the hands you’re trusting to take care of your dog. It’s not always easy to leave them to strangers, but they want you to know they are professionals, and your dog will return knowing skills of how to behave better with both furry friend and master. 

If you’re struggling with a brand new puppy, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Have them work for their food. With toys like a slow feeder your puppy will use their brain to get to their food and it slows them down from just scarfing everything down which isn’t good for their tummies. 
  2. After an hour or two of play time, give your puppy a nap. Much like a toddler, pups need naptime too.
  3. If your puppy plays with puzzle toys it will allow them to develop their brain all while getting treats for it at the same time. Them being entertained will also give you a break!

For more tips and tricks check out and Instagram: @trainwalkpoop .

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