(Good Things Utah) Utah has set a new standard for farming and agriculture; contributing some of the highest quality food products in the nation. Though when it comes to dairy, it’s no secret that most milk in stores is traditionally mass-produced, with fewer farms able to keep up with the rising costs of business. While there are plenty of dairy farms around us that produce butter, there are few that promise the wholesome taste and premium quality like Mountain Born Creamery does.

Mountain Born Creamery was founded in 2020 with the goal of making the freshest and creamiest butter in the state, all while investing in our local dairy farms. The secret behind their tasty butter is the locally-made milk used, and the old-fashioned methods that slowly churn it. Using an Amish-made churn from Indiana, all butter from Mountain Born Creamery is freshly churned in-house, with only organic ingredients added.

They produce a variety of butter including plain, sweet, salted, and herb. Customers have fallen in love with their delicious flavors like Brown Sugar Bourbon, Smoked Salt, Chophouse, and Orange Zest Honey. This butter can add succulent flavor to any food from bread to vegetables, and even tastes great with most meats.

“We need to understand that it’s going to cost us a little more than what we’re used to paying for local butter because we need to pay our dairies better. We need to invest in local agriculture,” states owner Baylee Sorenson. “That is what Mountain Born Creamery is about is: don’t buy an import, buy local.”

Whether to support local farms or make a delicious meal for the family, Mountain Born Creamery is a wonderful way to “spread” happiness in any kitchen. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself, and get 15% off your online order with code: ILoveButter.

To browse the creamy collection of butter from Mountain Born Creamery, visit their website at MountainBornCreamery.com. Follow them on social media @mountainborncreamery.