We’ve got bug repellent solutions to snacks for hiking or even going to the zoo. Dawn Mccarthy, Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor of Dawn’s Corner is here to show us five products to help us enjoy the great outdoors this summer.


Parakito partnered with COOL SHOE to develop this unique and innovative bug repellent solution sandal. Parakito products are ALL-NATURAL, DEET-Free, Skin Friendly, and formulated in PROVENCE-France. PARA’KITO® products can be found in Health Food stores, Pharmacies, Outdoor retailers, and many other outlets all around the country. PARA’KITO products are available in more than 40 countries worldwide, and they have a solution for the entire family to wear to keep you bug-free. 

GoGoSqueeZ – (NEW- Almond Blend Pudding Pouches)

Nutritious snack brand GoGo squeeZ is a MUST for outdoor adventures (especially hiking through parks where you need healthy snacks that are mess-free). GoGo squeeZ is also helping to get more kids, no matter where they live, into the great outdoors by partnering with the National Park Foundation to fund field trips for kids to learn outdoors and have fun – good stuff! 

There are many flavor options, and these little pouches are packed with goodness: 100% fruit, healthful veggies, prebiotics for tummies, and even plant-based puddings for a sweet fix. The NEW GoGo Squeez Almond Blend Pudding contains 30% less sugar than traditional dairy pudding and no need to be refrigerated, so a perfect snack for a day in the park or long road trip. Sold Nationwide or visit their website.

Essential Elements Nutrition – (Ee’s) 

ACV-Infused Hydration Sticks replenish electrolytes and provide immune support. Each stick contains Apple Cider Vinegar with naturally occurring electrolytes that perform and commercial sports drinks for endurance activity performance. Added electrolytes (sodium, chloride, and potassium) support different functions in the body. Plus, vitamin C is buffered with chloride, potassium, and calcium creates a readily available, comfortable absorption. These are great to keep the whole family hydrated while out on a hike or adventure. 


Pickle Juice is the only product scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps, prevent dehydration, and aid recovery. Pickle Juice (PJ) uses a proprietary grain blend of vinegar that blocks that nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle and a combination of vitamins & minerals. Whether you’re missing something from your diet, exhausted from exercise, or have poor circulation, PJ provides relief. 

California Beach Co- The Pop N’ Go®

Portable kid play yards are built to last for years while being simple to transport and set up. The “pop and release” technology is constructed so that you can press down once to have a functional space for your kids in seconds. It comes with a UV-protected shade cover and carrying bag for extra convenience and comfort. This product is perfect for any outdoor adventure at the beach or if you are doing a staycation at home. Go to 

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