Finding hope, success and resources when you have Dyslexia

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October is Dyslexia awareness month so today we had Decoding Dyslexia on the show to share more information with us. Vice president Karee Atkinson came on joined by two youth advocates Michael Atkinson and Ava Erickson. They have all been diagnosed with Dyslexia and helped better inform us with how to be aware of it. 

Up to 20% of people have Dyslexia an families! It is also the most common learning disability. With October being Dyslexia awareness month they want to raise awareness so the students struggling with Dyslexia can get the help they may need. These students can be just as successful when given the tools they need in the class room. 

Decoding Dyslexia Utah is hosting a FREE Dyslexic advantage celebration in conjunction with the annual Wasatch Reading Summit. The event wil be held Tuesday, October 2nd at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The event is free, family friendly, and is featuring an inspirational speaker Madalyne Hymas. Madalyne is the creator of the Dyslexic Advantage exhibit that was displayed at the Smithsonian institution in Washington D.C. 

Decoding Dyslexia Utah will have a preview party of the Utah State Dyslexia handbook. If the the handbook is approved by the State Board of Education  it will be available for every school to use as a guide on how to address Dyslexia. They also hope it will be a valuable tool for families and bring awareness for the entire state. For more information follow them on face book or visit their website

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