The newest app on the market that matches the best lenders with commercial real estate borrowers. CEO and founder of Private Money Club, came to GTU to tell us a bit more about this unique matchmaking service. When Naugle and his wife had a show on HGTV ‘Risky Business’, he noticed a large problem when needing to borrow money. “It always seemed like we were never in control,” said Naugle. “The person making the money was always the person lending money.” When he was the lender, he also found it to be a struggle to find good borrowers. After this struggle, Naugle felt inspired to help make change.

Private Money Club finds the perfect match for your lending and borrowing needs. Whether you’re the one who needs the money or the one lending money, Private Money Club can help you find the one. The app has been referred to as “Tinder for Lenders and Buyers”. The app works very similarly to the large dating apps where users can swipe right for interest or swipe left if not. In just two short years, they have had numerous success stories. The service is currently available in 37 states but it will launch nationwide on Oct. 14 at Sundance Mountain Resort.

To join, you can go to and for more information, refer to Naugle on Facebook and Instagram:

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