Katie Runyan is a role-play expert and owner of Faithful Fling, a subscription based website that loves keeps monogamy hot by creating fun and flirty role-play dates for you and your spouse to do together. Role-playing is just having a fun and unique date with your spouse in different personas. Think of it as a chance to star in your own play or movie taking on different roles and having new experiences!

Spouses log in completely separately, so you know very little about each others roles, allowing you to implement any changes you desire and add all the sexy surprise suggestions for your spouse. You can expect some classic scenarios like a blind date with outrageous instant attraction, or a painting class that gets a little wild.

The best part is that you get to experience these scenarios inside the comfort and safety of your marriage with over thirty different flings, so there’s bound to be one that you will enjoy! 

website: https://www.faithfulfling.com/
Instagram: @faithfulfling