Aimee Clements-Hadfield, LCSW / Experiential Therapist and Founder of Hearten House told us about experiential therapy and its benefits.  

Clements-Hadfield explained that there are many methods for therapy, including traditional forms of talking therapy, wilderness therapy, art therapy, experiential therapy, and more. She focuses on using experiential therapy, which she explained is any method that gets people out of their heads and into their bodies. The methods that she uses in experiential therapy include psychodrama, sociometry, sand tray, expressive arts, and stuffed animals. 

She uses stuffed animals frequently in her therapeutic work, incorporating them into sessions. Most animals are known by name by Clements-Hadfield’s clients and are her signature in treatment. By doing things such as holding them and other methods of incorporation, she’s found that they are a useful tool in the healing process. The stuffed animals can help clients connect with their inner child to heal, she explained.

She explained that as a therapist her goal is to help people resolve their problems and be able to move forward in their lives. She aims to help her clients move beyond feeling broken and reliant on someone else to sort through their problems. Hearten House was founded as a space to give practitioners a place to start and grow their businesses in a community that has flexible part office and meeting spaces. It offers clients a warm, home-like environment where they can access a variety of healing from mental health therapy, dieticians, and physical therapists to achieve healing in all areas necessary to feel their best.  

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She and Hearten House can also be found on Instagram at @aimeeclementshadfield and @heartenhouse