GOOD THINGS UTAH – The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition has launched a new program with Utah Employers Against Domestic Violence. Utah Employers Against Domestic Violence (UEADV) is the corporate membership program of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC), a nonprofit that aims to end domestic violence in Utah through advocacy, education, collaboration, and leadership. UDVC reports

Between 77-88 percent of individuals experiencing violence report their partners intentionally trying to disrupt their ability to work.
Those committing harm often make harassing phone calls, show up at work, and prevent their target from getting to work on time.
Many of us spend 40 or more hours each week at work. Employers have learned that providing information to employees to help them locate personal resources & opportunities makes for better employees…child care, EAP services, volunteer opportunities. These are just some resources, services & opportunities commonplace in the workplace.
UEADV focuses on helping companies create safe and productive work environments that provide a supportive space for victims of domestic violence to get assistance.

UEADV is a program that builds awareness of domestic violence by educating local businesses to recognize warning signs, respond appropriately, and safely refer their employees to the appropriate resources for help.
We work with employers throughout the state to create best practices and workable solutions for addressing domestic violence concerns in the workplace. UEADV can assist companies in developing workplace policies that reflect proactive support for those needing assistance.

Businesses can email or call our 24/7 LINKLine to request information. That number is 1-800-897-LINK (5465)


1-800-597-LINK (5465)