Kaili Spear joined the show to share her view on being okay with where you are in the moment. 

Spear talks about the constant change of life and the complexities that come with embracing where you are today. She tells a story of a time that her friend broke her foot. Jumping into walking once it was somewhat healed, Spear’s friend did too much too fast, causing a problem. Their neighbor came over to help, immediately telling them, “Apologize to your foot for expecting too much. Thank your other foot for carrying all this weight. Thank your body for being able to heal.” 

This compassion and love for yourself is necessary. The first step to embracing every moment is learning to apologize to yourself. Apologize in the mirror, facing yourself, and take accountability for the harshness and the neglect of the emotional and physical needs you may have. 

The second thing is to thank yourself and thank your life. Feel grateful for the positive things in life, especially the little ones. 

The last thing to do is live your life. It’s difficult to not shift into spite and defensiveness, living life for other people instead of yourself. Being proactive about what you want and need allows you to rid yourself of anchors that drag you down.

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Website: www.kailispeaks.com 

Instagram: @kailispeaks