We invited interior designer Stephanie Hunt to the studio today to show us cute and affordable ways to get your patio ready for the summer. 

Some of her favorite tips and tricks include adding new cushions and pillows to your seating and throwing a patterned blanket over the back of a chair. She recommends using colorful pillows because as Hunt explained, most outdoor furniture is neutral colored so adding a little color adds flair to your décor. Rugs are also a great option for upping your patio game, and Hunt suggested using large rugs with patterns to anchor the patio’s setup, but she also said that a smaller rug works too. 

Some other tips she gave us are moving indoor elements outside. This includes bringing an indoor rug outdoors and bringing indoor pillows outside too. She also suggested hanging a mirror on your patio wall to help anchor the room. These two tips bring a welcome element of surprise to your evening get togethers, Hunt explained. Her third tip is to accessorize the patio space to make things new. She also suggested using different lighting elements to set the atmosphere alongside patterned and colorful elements.  

You can connect with Hunt on Instagram at @flairhunter and you can find her on her website at www.flairhunter.com