Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – 40% of all food in America goes to waste. Next time, think twice before you go to throw out your food. Founder of the non-profit Waste Less Solutions, Dana Williamson, spoke with us today to discuss how we can feed more people and waste less food. 

From caterers, cafeterias, and restaurants, so much food is going to waste. However, most food waste comes from inside the home, where 30-40% of food bought from the grocery store gets thrown in the trash. Waste Less Solutions has a mission to educate, prevent and divert food waste. 

Waste Less Solutions has a “garden share” program that allows individuals with a surplus of food from their gardens to donate to the non-profit, which then gets the food to individuals in need. Click here to find more information about this program. 

This non-profit organization strives to educate anyone and everyone on how to eliminate food waste. Education courses are given through their social media sites @wastelesssolutions. Eliminate food waste and help those in need by donating today!