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Shyloh Belap joined us with another great craft for Pin of the Week. Today she showed us how to make the Paisleys and Polka Dots Seasonal Kit. 

Items needed:


The kit comes with detailed instructions. Here are some tips Shyloh discovered along the way:

  1. Place the wood pieces on the paper, trace and cut them to the shape of the wood.
    • Shyloh says to not worry about being perfect because you will go through with a nail file and file the edges. 
  2. Paint the wood pieces per the instructions. 
  3. Use wood glue to adhere the paper to the fronts of the wood pieces.
    • You can also use mod podge as glue if that is what you have handy in your home 
  4. Sand the edges of the paper. 
    • Sand in a downward motion because if you sand in an upwards motion, you could lift the paper from the wood!
  5. Distress all the edges with brown ink (optional). You may want to leave just the sanded edge because that puts a distressed white look around each edge. 
  6. Assemble all the wood pieces using tacky glue. Adhere the magnets to the back of each wood piece.
  7. If you plan to store this project to use year after year, consider spraying it with clear matte spray. This is optional.
  8. Add the twine, button, and greenery as shown. Shyloh used a glue gun for the greenery.

For more detailed instructions and pictures, you can visit Shyloh’s blog at

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