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Shonni is an Instagrammer & blogger from Centerville. Her Instagram account is the.real.moms.of.insta and has been featured by BuzzFeed,,, and a few other world-wide brands.

Today she’s sharing a fun DIY project that everyone loved! It’s a Kid’s Bike Wash. Watch the clip to see how to make it. It’s easy to make, put together, take apart and store.  

Project Instructions: 

1. Design: design your bike wash- draw it out or use an existing template online so you know what you need to buy.

2. Paint (optional): painting the PVC pipes are what makes this stand out, but isn’t necessary. Start by priming all your PVC parts with a white primer to do two things: help cover up the black lettering and help the paint hold to the PVC better. We chose 4 different neon colors and finished with a clear gloss coat to prevent it from scratching or fading. Spray paint does dry quickly, so it’s easy to keep moving along with all the painting steps. 

3. Measure & Cut: once everything is dry, you’re ready to start measuring & cutting with the PVC cutters. You can use your first cut PVC pipe to help you measure the remaining pieces for that given length. Once everything is cut, organize them in piles according to their size to make it easier for you to find and start putting your bike wash together.

4. Assemble & Drill: Once completely put together, we recommend drilling only a few holes at a time. Hook your hose up to the hose connector and see what your water pressure is like. Too many holes leave you with a one-sided bike wash, but a too few have the water flying across the road and your pipes disconnecting. 

5. Decorate: this is where you can make it your own! I chose to add cones to help guide the riders through and have hanging sponges, micro fiber clothes, and pool noodles from above. has the step-by-step tutorial to make your own Kid’s Bike Wash with links to all of the products they used. Follow along on Instagram @the.real.moms.of.insta

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