Tucker Bohman started his Instagram page: @ToyStoryDad as a fun way to spend time with his wife Rachel and son Beckham, while showing their love for Disney through DIY costumes they make for Beckham. 

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have fun with a little dress up! He showed the following costumes and what is needed to make each. 

Peter Pan 

  • Hat:
    • Green felt
    • Red feather
  • Plus:
    • Green pants
    • Tights
    • Leggings 
    • Green shirt

Cut up the edges a little bit of the shirt and you are set. 

Prince Eric 

  • Dark jeans
  • White polo 
  • Red ribbon or fabric

Prince Charming 

  • White shirt
  • Red sweat pants
  • Felt
  • Ribbon

Tucker said this is the trickiest to make, but believe it or not the entire outfit was made with hot glue, no sewing required. They found the white shirt at the DI and cheap red sweatpants at Walmart. Then it is just a matter of adding all of the details, different types of ribbon and of course more felt. He said felt is your friend! It is cheap and super easy to work with.

You can learn more about Tuckers family and follow their Disney adventures on toeternityandbeyond.com