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Dealing with Utah’s growing population

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The population here in Utah continues to grow rapidly which has its benefits but also has it’s concerns.

As part of our stationwide In Focus: Growing Pains topic, Natalie Gochnour,  Director of Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute stopped by Good Things Utah to talk about Utah’s growing population.

Gochnour mentioned how each year Utah’s population grows 50,000 people each year. That’s the size of Taylorsville! “Before you know it, it feels a little different.”

“Growth provides a lot of opportunity,” says Gochnour. But with that you get more crowded parking lots, shopping areas, etc. “Importantly you start to lose open space. Beautiful orchards in Utah County, if you will, or if you’re up in Midway, those beautiful pasture lands go away for housing.”

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