The idea of getting a home makeover is always exciting, but the prices can cut those dreams short. Fortunately, Gal’s Garage has the solution. Gal’s Garage, a Davis County women owned business, has custom made modern home furnishing and decor to spruce up any living space.

Rachel Walker, founder of Gal’s Garage, came to Good Things Utah to talk about her company and show the must-haves for every homeowner looking to beautify and rejuvenate their living quarters. In Utah’s growing real estate market, it is not always feasible for everyone to get a new home, so Gal’s Garage finds a way to make your existing home like new.

Inspired by seeing the outrageous cost of home furnishings, Walker felt inspired to start her own business and sell items for significantly less expensive. She estimates that Gal’s Garage is one-third of the cost of their competitors. The company was started in Walker’s garage and serves as the brand’s namesake. One of the things Walker spoke passionately about was saving space in your home. Gal’s Garage has multiple furniture pieces that double as storage spaces. “Space is so precious right now,” said Walker. “Anywhere you can buy space. So a swinging door, you’re losing 36-34 inches anywhere that door opens. So we are making spaces so much more useful for people.” Because of that loss of space, Walker suggests an elegant barn door that allows for maximum space in your home. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there are countless people who are working at home and need a working space conducive for an office environment. Walker noticed this could not be accessible to everyone, so in order to keep costs low she sources all materials and labor in house. “We were able to just really drive down those costs so that normal everyday people can turn their homes into these beautiful living spaces.” said Walker. 

One of the most eye-catching items featured on the GTU segment was a dog kennel, which GTU host Deena Manzanares suggested fellow host Nicea DeGering needed for her dog, Miles. The kennel is elegant and  matches other decor and furnishings that Gal’s Garage has. Oftentimes dog kennels can clash with home decor, but this kennel will complement any room. The top of the kennel also has a storage compartment to place your dog’s treats, leashes and other supplies. It is also made of durable and long lasting material including powder coated steel bars that make it impossible for dogs to chew through. This allows your animal companions to be in your living space without compromising your aesthetic. 

In addition to beautiful furniture, Gal’s Garage has furnishings that are practical and functional. They have custom made items for individuals with disabilities or large families that have otherwise been unable to find furniture that fits their needs. Walker says making these items personalized for her customers is amazing and is what makes her love what she does. 

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