Jasmine Faye and Craig Sorensen, Executive Producers from Crowdsourced Comedy joined hour one of GTU to share what crowdsourced comedy is all about. Crowdsourced Comedy is a local comedy troupe, founded by a group of friends who only wanted to do one thing: entertain. 

The purpose of Crowdsourced is to make any audience laugh and feel satisfied. Crowdsourced is ready to deliver their talent to any venue, whether it’s a small black box theater or a stadium. Crowdsourced Comedy is ready to be the ensemble your event requires, with a diverse background, and multiple voices. 

Crowdsourced is having a fundraiser to create the first diversely owned comedy theater in Salt Lake City. The money will go towards the building of a comedy based community center for classes, shows, and special events. 

Crowdsourced workshops help individuals learn the fundamentals of improv technique and concept from the top improvisers in the world. This program is ideal for those who wish to improve their professional performance, adjust to unexpected situations, reduce social anxiety, and/or simply have fun. 

To donate, sign up for classes, or look for showtimes, visit their website below! 

Business Information

Website: Crowdsourced Comedy

Instagram: @crowdsourcedcomedy

Facebook: @crowdsourcedcomedy

Twitter: @crowdsourcedcomedy