Coping through the pandemic from a therapist

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Jessie Shepherd, LCMHC and Clinical Director from Blue Clover Therapy, joins Nicea for today’s Parenting Moment. They discussed a topic that many, if not all of us, have experienced throughout the last year.

The difficulties of the pandemic have sent us home, and we are spending more time than ever with our families. Shepherd shares how family dynamics have changed for the better and the worse over the pandemic. She mentions the strain it has put on both parents and children when conflict spills over and children become involved in parental issues. However, she shares that the most beneficial impact has been that sibling relationships have grown stronger due to the added amount of time spent together.

All in all, families have been communicating more, which helps the family move through their emotions together. This is a practice Shepherd encourages viewers to continue as we transition into more normalcy.

For more helpful ways on how to cope and face challenges, visit their website.

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