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Many of us have memories as a child of running around the neighborhood until the street lights come on. Are our children able to have those same experiences even in a technology-run world? Sarah Clark from The Dainty Pear says yes! Clark has been able to find the perfect balance of chores and work, while still having that “free fun” that our kids need to experience.

Clark and her family decided to buy a farm a couple of years ago, completely starting from scratch. Luckily, they have their children to learn alongside them while they begin this new experience. They wanted to create an environment where they could all learn to work together and appreciate the effort that goes into where food comes from.

While some of the kids take care of the pig, bunny and chickens, the other children are helping with yaks, cows, goats and alpacas. Everyone is able to help with the chores no matter their age.

Clark feels that there have been incredible lessons that have come out of this experience. Their kids are learning responsibility, how to get their hands dirty and how to better appreciate and respect nature.

Along with the hobby farm, Clark shared with us how kids can still have “free play” in today’s world.

Clark has found that there are many ways that kids can benefit from free play.
-It helps to reduce stress
-Can boost their confidence and teach them how to recover from disappointment
-Can help them find what they love to do
-Teaches responsibility
-Inspires exploration of the world
-Increases creativity
-Develops cognitive ability
-Helps them to be flexible and resilient

Through these experiences, Clark explains that her kinds bond and strengthen their relationships, communication skills and they are able to laugh together!

To find more fun tips and ideas from Clark, follow her on IG and online.

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