Change your lash game with a lash lift

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A stop into Ruby Lash will forever change your lash game! Owner Stephanie Wolfley can do it all, and we see the process of what a lash lift entails. If you can’t achieve the curl you want no matter how hard you try, consider this option! A perm for the lashes, you can lay back and relax in the coziest chair, drape a warm fuzzy blanket over you, and enjoy a pampering time out.

We can’t believe the incredible results! After care is easy, don’t get them wet for 48 hours and don’t sleep on them. You’ll get a tool to brush them as needed, and the stunning curl will lash up to 6 weeks!

Stephanie also offers lash extensions, too. You can tailor the look however you like, from natural to full glam.

First time clients can use code: GOODTHINGS20 for 20% off

Ruby Lash is located at 2981 E 3300 S  SLC, UT 84109 IG @rubylash_slc

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