Cedar City artist Saint of Stars takes to the sky and provides incredible art to their local community. 

Graphite artwork is a beautiful way to portray clean lines and shapes. 

Jalynn Lunceford talked about the hardness and softness of different pencils, using them to create different smudges and lines. Using watercolor paper, Lunceford creates small circles to shade in, layering one layer on top of the other to create a perfect skin-like texture and blends it out with her fingers.

Lunceford explains that she is a colorblind artist, and using pencils allows for detail and precision without taking away from the detail of the artwork. She explains that math plays an important role, using the Golden Rule and triangulation. This helps the human eye perceive patterns and this draws the eye to the subject immediately. 

Lunceford takes anywhere from one to three days. She explains that art is an escape from reality. Find her artwork on the Deal Galaxy Guru website.  

Instagram: @saint.of.stars

TikTok: @saint.of.stars

Website: dealgalaxyguru.com