Bully-proofing kids for back to school time

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Kirk & Kim Duncan, Lifestyle Mentors, 

According to the Duncan’s going back to school can cause a blend of emotions for kids (and for parents). It’s exciting to start a new routine, but it can also be intimidating. Kids don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for the challenges they’ll face every day.

 Kids not only have negative comments coming from outward bullies and peers—they also have lots of doubt and negativity coming from their inward “mind bullies.”

So how can they combat these comments?  Kirk says he “helped friends in school solve math problems using my simple, easy method. The next day, we found out we all failed the assignment. I had thought I was being smart and helpful—now kids were calling me dumb and stupid. Kids face similar kinds of struggles and doubts all the time.”

Here’s the solution, according to the Duncan’s:

1) Say “I like myself!” in your head or out loud several times a day.
2) Get a picture of your Hero —someone you want to grow up to be just like. Look at it every morning and night to remind yourself what you are striving to become.
3) Declarations.  Add stances or gestures to make declarations more memorable. By adding declarations to your morning routine, you’ll be prepared, confident, and bullyproof!

Example Declarations:
I am strong and look amazing!
I am smart and capable!
What I do is great!
I like who I am!
I am likeable and powerful!

For more information on Kim and Kirk Duncan, visit 3keyelements.com

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