SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Amy Francis with Rocky Mountain Therapy Dogs serves Summit, Wasatch, and is soon expanding into Utah County. They offer therapeutic and educational services to local nursing homes and schools as well as community outreach programs through petting stations at community events.

With a focus on support and development, they provide free group task work classes for their teams, enhancing the capabilities of therapy dogs and their handlers. Volunteers are pivotal to their cause, participating in events to raise awareness about their services, while donations from the community and local businesses are crucial to sustain their cost-free services.

The organization stands out in their approach to supporting the community through therapy dog teams. They emphasize volunteer support, hosting free group task work classes led by professional dog trainers like Siri Zakaras, focusing on “ice-breaking” behaviors for the dogs and handlers. She demonstrated pressure therapy with therapy dog, Willow.

Rocky Mountain Therapy Dogs will be attending LivePC GivePC on November 3rd. Viewers can donate at To learn more or contribute to their cause, visit