Benefits of shopping secondhand

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Many people are unsure about thrift shopping because they feel like secondhand clothing is unwearable and once they go into a thrift store, they get overwhelmed by all the amount of choices and can’t find anything they like.

Abbey Trujillo, owner of Peach Vintage joined us to put a stop to put your mind at ease about these myths and to give us shopping and style tips. 

Thrift shopping, both online and in person, keeps your style unique with one of a kind pieces that can’t be found in department stores. Abbey said staying trendy is easy. First, start out your look with something simple and timeless and then pair it with with unique accessories like hats, shoes, belts or jackets. 

Secondhand stores are a great way to save money and support the environment. Don’t miss out on the Downtown Vintage Market at “The Clubhouse” 850 E South Temple. The market goes from 11:00am- 8:00pm on Saturday, April 27. Entrance fee is $2.00.

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