For this week’s Mindful Monday, local writer Moudi Hob, joined the second hour of GTU to walk through a journal prompt viewers can practice. Hob describes how when journaling you are telling yourself to slow down. Journaling is a way to reflect on conscious thoughts that are sometimes hard to say out loud. 

Everyone is struggling with some type of trial in their life. People tend to walk around with unresolved or hidden pain. When journaling you get to peel back layers and find out who you are and what you desire in life. Hob brings up the idea that many people don’t journal because they are afraid of meeting their truth. 

If we can get underneath the thoughts and just allow ourselves to flow out onto the page without being scared that somebody might read them or judge you. We judge ourselves more harshly than anybody ever could,” said Hob. 

The journal prompt Hob shared with viewers was “what’s alive in me today?” Hob shared a tip that when you are writing, underline what speaks to you from your own words. Take these phrases and dive in deeper to ask questions to yourself. 

Life isn’t easy but it can be easier when holding hands,” said Hob. 

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