Amy Winsett, Author, and Holistic Therapist joined hour one of GTU to share ways how one can find their soul purpose. Winsett is a Best-Selling Author that wrote the book “Awakening the Healing of Your Soul: Discover your intuitive Gifts, Connect with Your Guides, Heal Your Soul”.

Winsett shared that everybody has intuition and a spirit within them. When someone is closer to their spiritual side, it means that they are in sync with themselves. Life is a constant, endless journey with ups and downs. When one combines their physical and spiritual being, more answers about life become “unlocked.” 

If you have more questions about how to heal yourself, make sure to read Winsett’s book. In the book, Winsett addresses some of the most common questions concerning healing and intuition. Winsett is hosting a free live Facebook event on Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00 pm Mountain Time Zone. More details are below. 

Winsett’s Book: AWAKENING THE HEALING OF YOUR SOUL: Discover your Intuitive Gifts, Connect with your Guides, Heal your Soul

FaceBook: Amy Winsett