Alternative ways to ease chronic pain

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September is chronic pain awareness month and Michelle Gulli is talking about this silent epidemic. As a mental health and wellness coach she wishes to share insight with those who want to learn alternative measures that will aid them in and help them to take back the power from the pain.

Consistently we hear about the fight against opioid prescribing, and this type of treatment being an inconsistent and unreliable source for pain management (not including cancer pain). We are also bombarded by messages about addiction and how the abuse and misuse of opioids has risen to all time highs, including the state of Utah. As pain professionals, they seek out non-pharmacological therapies that are evidence based and person centered.

1. Mindful-based analgesia

2. Anti-inflammatory lifestyle

Taking a look at nutrition-SAD The Standard American Diet

  • Alcohol intake-2 or fewer drinks a day
  • Tobacco intake
  • Exercise- stretching and strength training
  • Recreation-take time to schedule pleasant activity
  • Sexual health
  • Stress management

3. Change of attitude or thinking to remove the focus from the pain.

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