GOOD THINGS UTAH – Cindy Chia is a licensed therapist and a Forbes Council Thought Leader specializing in Mental Health and is a dedicated advocate. Chia is recognized for her work in helping individuals of Asian descent and people of color navigate and recover from their trauma.

Chia recently launched an innovative online trauma course named Unbreakable. This course provides a structured and comprehensive journey towards healing from trauma, presenting a step-by-step approach that distinguishes it from other resources that might not be as directly applicable to the healing process. 

What sets this course apart is its deep relevance and relatability to a wide range of individuals. Each technique and method in the course is meticulously backed by scientific research. Chia personally has undergone the healing process using every one of them to address her own childhood trauma.

An additional distinguishing factor is the pricing, set at an affordable $499. Chia is offering a 50% discount code using: GTU. This is a fraction of the cost typically associated with trauma therapy sessions, which can average around $150 per session in Utah. Given the current trend of lengthy therapist waiting lists, this course offers an immediate and accessible starting point for those seeking to embark on their healing journey.

Designed to benefit older teenagers and adults aged 16 and above, this course serves as a valuable resource for anyone aiming to address and overcome their trauma.