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Jen Taylor came on the show to share with us one of the hottest trends in the baking world right now! These “number” cakes are a lot of fun because of how custom you can make them. Not to mention they look amazing and better yet taste as good as they look!

Jen starts with the base. For the base you can use any kind of cake mix, cookie, brownie, cupcakes, rice krispies, or even a puff pastry. Once you cut out your numbers or even letters you can start with the frosting. With your icing bag create small dots on top of the cake and then put the second layer of your base. Then you add one final top layer of icing. 

Once the icing is complete, the final and possibly the best step is the decorating. Some fun toping ideas Jen shares are fruit, sprinkles, macaroons, popcorn, candy, meringues, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, flowers, or even small toys. The decorating is really what makes them so fun because you can really cater to whoever the cake is for by adding their favorite colors, flavors, or item (ex. flower or toys). There really aren’t any rules!

To see more work by Jen or to order some of her sweet treats check out her instagram @jenbakes247. 

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