A podcast that tackles topics for grievers that have lost a loved one

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Anita Coyle and Mel Shore from Widow We Do Now Podcast became widows at a young age and together they created a podcast to tackle topics grievers face across the spectrum. They came by to share their experience.

Anita and Mel are two women who became young widows after the sudden deaths of their husbands. Although they grew up in the same neighborhood, they did not connect until their spouses died. A mutual love for dark humor and cheese sparked their friendship, and as they navigated their new lives, they recognized there was a need for community and discussion surrounding the unique situation of young widows.

Anita is a parent of four children and Mel has no kids, but all the dogs. Together they tackle the tough topics grievers face across the spectrum. Anita is an Xterra world champion triathlete and a physical therapist, and Mel is a professional pianist and music educator.

Weekly interview-style podcast, currently they have over 80 episodes. Guests range from widows/widowers of:
-serial killer victims
-unmarried partners
-kidless widows
-widowed parents
-betrayal trauma
-sudden death
-long-term illness
-Covid, and experts i.e. psychologists, therapists, and medical doctors

  • They have a worldwide community reaching from Australia, Europe, the US, and Canada.
  • They host virtual events for their members.
  • They aim to normalize and acknowledge the ups and downs of the grief journey, and talk about heavy topics appropriately and with humor.
  • Many people underestimate how helpful community is when dealing with grief. Those who haven’t experienced catastrophic loss may be surprised at what authentic grief can look like.
  • When people hear the word “widow”, they expect to see a grandma, perhaps of retirement age and beyond. But widows come in all ages, ranging from 18-105. Their mission is to bring awareness to the diversity of what widows look like, act like, and can do.
  • They also have a private FB community for anyone who has experienced partner loss.
  • If they were to describe themselves as a sympathy card, it would not be the typical gray, sad card. They are bright, colorful, quirky, and bring real talk to the table.
  • Society doesn’t like to talk about the messy middle, and as young widows, they quickly learned that this part of grief is important, difficult and that there is no roadmap.
  • Many people want to bypass this growing part of their lives and want them to get to the end so they can feel less uncomfortable. However, the middle is everything.
  • Widow We Do Now? can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts.

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