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Have a lot of space but nothing to fill it? Neiybor is an online marketplace that connects people with extra space to those in need of storage. Launched last year, it offers storage 50% cheaper, on average, than traditional self storage and provides Utah homeowners a way to turn their unused space into extra monthly income.

 How do people find space? It’s as simple as searching for storage available within your neighborhood, reserving your space as a monthly subscription or upfront for a set end date, and then connecting with your host through the internal messaging system to begin storing! The process of finding space involves a simple search from the main page of our website that brings you directly to the listings available. You can then move around the interactive google map to see the other listings available in surrounding areas. Search, reserve, and connect. It’s that simple.

Tips for Renters:

  • Search for storage locally and in the surrounding areas to find the most competitive price
  • Communicate effectively with host once reservation is place

Want to be a host? Anyone can become a host! All you need is an empty room, garage, RV pad, or shed. To begin, simply create a host profile, become verified, take high quality photos of your space, and then create a listing. When someone decides to rent your space you will be notified via email and provided with the next steps in being a successful host. Once your space is booked you connect with the renter to decide a good time to move in.

Tips for Hosts:

  • Take High quality photos of your storage space
  • Make sure the space is clean in the photos
  • Upload at least 5 photos of the space
  • Offer a good detailed description of the space
  • Be very responsive to renters
  • Price your space competitively
  • If you have a space big enough split the space into multiple listings

 For more information visit neiybor.com.

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