A new book from Richard Eyre to help you be happy for the new year

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Richard and Linda Eyre were here today to discuss Richard’s new book, a two-in-one solution for happiness seekers called “The Happiness Paradox.” If you flip the book over, it reveals the other half of the book “The Happiness Solution” and the phrase, “how a new view can turn you right side up.”

Richard revealed to Nicea that “more ownership, more control, more independence, are things that we think will bring us more happiness, but they’re really taking it away from us.” He says, if we give up the notion of these three, “we start feeling lighter, we start feeling happier.”

But you have to replace the three in favor of a new attitude. Replace control with serendipity. Don’t try to force everything. Instead, let it come to you.

Linda shared that Richard has been working on the book for 30 years and his research even led the couple to Sri Lanka, which is where the word serendipity originates from.

The Eyres say this is a great way to have a happier new year and the book even comes out New Year’s Day. It’s 30% off on Amazon if you preorder until then.

You can also learn more about the Eyres’ other work at valuesparenting.com.

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