A fitness tracker for kids that helps manage screen time

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Jacob Andersen and Brittany Oler from PlayGoal joined us today to introduce their fitness tracker/ activity band that rewards children with screen time for completing physical activity. 

Jacob and Brittany got their kids tablets for Christmas last year and immediately regretted it because as most parents know, it’s hard to set boundaries and guidelines when it comes to screen time. They came up with the idea of a reward system, making their kids play outside for a certain amount of time before earning time on their tablets. 

PlayGoal locks a phone or tablet until your child’s fitness goal has been met.

Their Kickstarter launches August 30th.

Standard Retail Price with shipping is

  • US Price – US$47.95
  • International Price – US$59.95

For more information visit the following:


Facebook: @playgoalbands

Instagram: @play_goal

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