9 cuddling positions: what they say about your relationship

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There’s nothing like a good cuddle with someone you’re fond of… but the way you do it could say a lot more about your relationship than you might think! 

Nicea and Reagan demonstrated the following positions and Ali explained what each means. 

  1. Spooning
    • You see eye-to-eye
  2. Head On Chest
    • One person can lean on their partner
  3. Back-To-Back
    • Mutual respect for each other
  4. Leg Entwined
    • You crave a connection
  5. Face-to-Face Embrace
    • You’re really into each other and don’t want to miss anything
  6. Arm Draped Across The Other’s Back
    • This position says ‘I’ve got your back’ 
  7. Opposite Sides
    • You’re confident in the relationship and don’t require shared space
  8. Holding Hands
    • You and your partner want to stay connected
  9. Different Distances From Headboard
    • This is a reflection of individual preferences

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