7 tips to feel confident in the dressing room

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Stylist Preston Tate shares with us the psychology of fashion when it comes to the fitting room. All women hate trying on clothes and we all love to complain about it and to complain about the way everything looks. 

Preston explained that he always hears, ” I just need to lose 10 pounds” but obviously that can’t happen in the fitting room so he says STOP IT! We need to stop saying self deprecating comments. He says to dress the body you have now and be as confident as possible. This will help to motivate you to lose what weight you do want to lose. So many women say something negative right when they walk out of the fitting room before anyone else even has the chance to say something else. 

He also shares some tips on how to know how to dress your body type. He says you need to ignore the pictures we see online and mannequins in stores. Photo shop is used online and mannequins are pinned not even close to the actual size. The pictures we end up seeing don’t even remotely resemble the original.

Another tip he gives is to take your honest, kind friend shopping with you!  A true friend will tell you if something doesn’t fit right but will help you find a different style or size. The size number does not matter! Every brands sizing is different. So ask for help and ask for a size comparison to what you usually wear. 

Lastly, he talks about how fashion should be fun. It’s not a competition and it should reflect how you feel on the inside out. Let it build you up, and not tear you down. 

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