6.5 tips to raise your confidence in seconds

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We are all prone to slouch… it’s how most of us feel comfortable. But, did you know that slouching in a chair has a negative impact on you? It is actually lowering your confidence level and self esteem.

Lifestyle mentors Kirk and Kim Duncan, from 3 Key Elements, joined us to share how calibrating your body can boost your confidence level within seconds! 

6.5 steps to calibrate your body:

  1. Chin up
  2. Smile on
  3. Shoulders back
  4. Hands relaxed
  5. “Tail” out
  6. Feet forward
    • Need a quicker fix? Choose a superhero pose, and hold it for 90 seconds

Confidence won’t find you, you have to find it. You create it. It’s time to take control of your body and mood to prove to your mind that you are confident!

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