For couples who have been married a long time, or are raising young kids, or have crazy busy work schedules, it’s hard to find the time or desire for romance. Val Baldwin, relationship coach, shared these five easy tips to help keep your romance strong.

  1. Spend a night chilling on the couch. The fact is, couples need to spend time alone together. That doesn’t always mean hiring a babysitter, and heading out for a fancy dinner. A lot of men enjoy the simple act of ‘hanging out.’  In fact, guys admit they feel closest to their wives or girlfriends when they’re just watching TV together. Why? Because that’s a time when you both feel most relaxed and at peace. If you share those moments with someone you love, you create a deeper bond.
  2. Shake things up. When couples share a new experience, they associate that experience with each other. So try something new, like taking an art class or cooking class together, go see a comedian, go horseback riding, or go dancing. 
  3. Touch more! When couples are stressed, the first thing that goes is physical contact. Touching increases feeling of unity and simply holding hands, sharing a kiss, or a hug can reduce your stress hormones and help you feel closer.
  4. Smile when you see your partner. Smiling sends a subliminal message of unconditional love to your partner. They’ll experience a rush of the brain’s feel-good chemical dopamine. As a result, your partner will feel extra appreciated – which means you’ll feel great too.
  5. Go to bed early with your partner once a week. Decide on a day of the week that you’ll consistently both go to bed 30-60 minutes early together. This time can be used to cuddle, talk, read or listen to a book together, or get frisky if you both want to.  The point is that you are together, cuddling and there are no distractions. This helps build a beautiful bond between you.

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