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5 ways to ignite passion

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Many women have a hard time shifting from busy mom to passionate lover.  Marriage and sex therapist Emil Harker shared five things women can to do ignite the fire.

1. Rejuvenate Modesty – Employ modesty even in marriage. Close the door almost all the way when you take a shower. Turn your body away at an angle from your partner as you undress and dress. Use lingerie to cover up and increase curiosity. Make sure that when he sees your skin it isn’t common or just normal. Let him know that something is happening when you confidently show skin. 

2. Let Go – 5% more can make 100% of the difference. Invest in the experience. You don’t have to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, just decide to get into it 5% more.

3. Go out – Break out of the daily grind. Take a two night retreat for just the two of you out of town. This allows you to escape the daily distractions of dirty dishes, kids, and laundry. With a little planning you can make a big difference.

4. Fresh eyes – Imagine “seeing” your spouse with fresh eyes as if you were meeting him for the first time. Pretend this is your first time seeing him for a while. Look at him differently, ask him questions about what he thinks about and what is important to him, and show genuine interest in what he tells you. 

5. Build anticipation – Choose a date in the near future and share your idea of an awesome romantic night. Tell him exactly what you want to help you really maximize your desire. Include not only what you want to experience in love making, but what you want to experience before and after. This deeper level of sharing increases your vulnerability, which turbo boosts excitement without doing anything crazy. 

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