Divorce is hard enough, but when children are involved, the situation can become even trickier to navigate. In a situation where one or both parents have resentment, hurt or hate towards the other, divorce does not have to be destruction to the children. 

Motivational speaker Ganel-lyn Condie joined us to share her perspective on divorce involving children and to share tips on how to help them get through it as well. 

Tips to help your child cope and deal with your divorce:

  1. Share what is age appropriate, but don’t over share.
    • Search Amazon for books to help guide you.
  2. Be thoughtful about your planning
    • Start by planning only one week at a time. Kids will get overwhelmed with changes.
    • Create a family calendar to help.
  3. Don’t fight in front of kids.
  4. Show respect to other parent. Your children are half of them.
  5. Try and support the other parent because you will want that in return.

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